Hazel Dunn 2018


April 7, 2021

Rahoy Hills residency was a welcome getaway from the city. During my time at Rahoy, I learnt an enormous amount about the estate, how the nature reserve is run, and about Scotland’s wildlife as a whole.

My work for the residency took the form of painting, textiles, digital print and photography.

The main features of the final exhibition were four large wall hangings – digitally printed, and hung on fallen branches collected around the estate.

Each hanging was based on a walk conducted with the reserve’s ranger, Steve, with each focussing on the ecosystems of a different terrain. Also included were black and white photographs of interesting textures I came across, digital surrealist abstractions of butterfly wings, and a gauche and ink painting of found flora. I found the experience both educational and hugely beneficial to my practice.


A few of my drawings from this project